Our highly skilled team have the ability to operate HiRails, loaders, backhoes, graders, trucks and are qualified to work in Metro and across Australia.

We have a wide range of attachments that we can hire out with our machines, such as: auger motors, auger diggers, bearer grabs for turn out install, broom box, buckets, sets of forks, grader blades for excavators, sleeper extractor, hammers, log grabs, octopus’s for 4, 6 or 8 sleepers, platypus’s, rail threaders, railway under cutter, mulcher, self contained, magnet 26”, tamper heads, timber platypus’s and a wacker pad inc arm for driving posts.

Our team are experienced in various areas such as; steel, timber or concrete sleepers, re-sleepering, re-railing and turn out construction with the ability to work Australia wide.

We are compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry (NCOP).

Key People



    Operations Manager

    Aaron has in excess of twenty years experience operating various machines, Hi-Rail excavators, tracked excavators, loaders and transporting machines throughout WA, NSW, SA and VIC. His broad knowledge and hands on experience give him the edge in the industry.

    Aaron arranges movement and organization of plant and equipment, machine hire and management of staff.



    General Manager

    Teena has an extensive background in the rail industry with over fourteen years experience. She also has a Project Management background with some of Australia’s largest corporates in the IT Telecommunications industry.

    Teena manages the day to day operations, business accounts, tenders, contracts and financials.